• Steel ΓΈ 3'600 mm

  • Aluminium 2'800 x ~5'000 mm

The all-important quality factor in the production of XXL plates are the special thermal treatment, the correct surface finish, the milling, grinding and careful handling.

Steel plates, whether magnetic or nonmagnetic, we mill up to a size of 2,000 x 5,000 mm or grind them with our distinctive cross-grinding to a diagonal dimension of 3,600 mm or 1,000 mm wide and 13,000 mm length.

The guaranty for the highest quality of milled aluminium plate is the specially designed mill with its milling head of 3,100 mm diameter. The plates are gripped on a high-precision vacuum plate and can be milled up to max. 2,800 mm width and 4,850 mm length in one setting.

How big a plate is, we have shown in this picture.