HABA 2316-S



Plastic mould steel

Tempered, corrosion-resistant plastic mould steel with good machinability and dimensional stability. It is used as pattern plates in plastic injection dies and also for corrosion-resistant components for mechanical engineering.



  • Retaining plates for plastic moulds
  • Base plates



Thickness grinded Ra1.6 (N7)
Tolerance +/-0.1 mm
Parallelism ≤0.05 mm
Evenness ≤0.2 mm
Length/width Ra12.5 (N10) cut with a precision circular saw
HABA standard tolerance nominal size +0.8/+0.3 mm
Customer-specific tolerance within a tolerance field of 0.4 mm

We also manufacture rolled and milled blanks on request as well as special thicknesses and tolerances.



Tensile strength Rm 950-1100 (N/mm2)
Yield strength Rp0.2 ca. 750-950 (N/mm2)
Breaking strain (Lo = 5 do) A5 ≥5 %
Brinell hardness (HB) 280-325
Density 7.85 kg/dm3
Thermal conductivity coefficient 35-45 (W/mK)
Thermal expansion coefficient 10.5-12 (10-6/K)